Julia Price--ArtistI have been drawing and painting since I was a child. I shared a happy, creative environment of art and music with my parents and four sisters. For the past 60 years I have experimented with various forms of art expression – ideas and media, concentrating on the changing elements of nature. I use many figurative forms within my paintings depicting humanity’s involvement with the earth. My art endeavours have included many Community Artwork activities. I was also one of the original “Tuesday Painters” and became more aware of contemporary works in a move to utilise an imaginative style when my husband and I travelled around Australia in our caravan. In 1979 I formed and became involved with a Group called “The Mind’s Eye Circle of Artists” concentrating on experimentation, modern art concepts and the departure from more realistic styles. I think that I sit happily in the middle of these styles.

A major part of my painting has been influenced by the Aboriginal/Koori culture and this aspect of my development is evident in my work. I prefer to express a feeling in my art which expresses the needs of people in general – to make an art statement. The aim of creating art works is aimed at sharing thought processes developed through visual and psychological experiences with the viewer. I hope that my love of rhythm, movement and music can flow freely within the framework of this type of expression.