Sally Everett Profile PicFrom an early age I developed a passion for textiles – visualising these in colours, designs and patterns. Later, art classes encouraged me to learn how to visually deconstruct an object and paint it as I saw it – in terms of form, light and shade. After leaving my full-time career in commerce I was able to fully explore every new challenge in various art forms.

Living in West Gippsland for over 10 years, I design and create art works that range in mode from jewellery to textiles. For each work, my passion is for its realisation to be in organic textures, substances or constituents; wherever possible making use of natural resources and ingredients for its enhancement.

My expertise is forever expanding as I enjoy learning new techniques or methods that enable me to enhance my artistic skills.

Sally Everett–CV March 2016.


Sally Everett, has an exhibition at Meeniyan Access Gallery from 25 November to 29 December 2016. The opening is Sunday 27 November at 2.00 pm. All are invited.

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