Sian Adnam--ArtistI can always remember having had a strong connection to the ocean and a deep desire to ensure the planet had plenty of trees. I planted my first tree at the age of 4 and to this day have not stopped putting back into the earth.

My love for the ocean also began as a child, during the long and balmy summer holidays spent down on Somers beach, Victoria, where hours would be passed discovering what lay beneath the surface of the water and which exotic creature hid under seaweed encrusted rocks.

Is it any wonder that these two powerful influences have dominated my work for years?

Having been encouraged by an understanding and innovative Art teacher at school, I enrolled in a 4 year design course at Chisholm Institute and here began an amazing journey of self-expression and discovery.

It wasn’t until the year 2000, when we moved as a family to Phillip Island, that my work began to take on a new dimension. I had discovered an environment at the back door that was then and still is today, my greatest source of inspiration.

As I sit in the studio sometimes and just listen to the roar of the ocean or hear the chatter of a million birds, I think how lucky I am to be able to witness all this from my work bench.