DCF 1.0Environmental Expressionist

These paintings are based on the theme of Re-enchantment. My core concept is the belief that an intimate relationship with the environment is built into the human psyche and our increasing desire to protect the environment is leading us to see nature in a sacred and magical way again.

Since surviving the Black Saturday fires I am more interested in understanding the basic need that humans have to ask questions about the world and the eternal “Who am I?”

My work explores the spiritual aspect of nature and delves into the psychological patterns or archetypes within the psyche, which are projected onto nature.

My fascination with trees relates to the mythological traditions of the ‘World Tree’, which is a contact between the mundane and the divine. I project the forms of striving branches, contorted forms of struggle and mystical groves of a spiritual yearning for the ‘the other’ testing and guiding us to connect with nature to experience and strive for balance and wholeness both within ourselves and in the world around us.
Ursula Theinert-CV-2016