Heidi Rolfe--ArtistFor me, life is all about the expression of emotion. And it is all about the water. It is what drew me to the Bass Coast Shire. For my art I use various techniques. Sometimes I use heavily pigmented colour and water that I daub onto canvases. I love the process of tilting the canvases to watch them create a life of their own. The paint follows my sub conscious thinking, and so creating seascapes, or images from space, or stormy scenes – all according to what I feel at the time.

Another technique is intricately hand drawn images of native Australian animals and scenes with 1000s of pen strokes for each drawing. These two techniques are my Yin and Yang.

Just lately I have started creating mosaic skulls – the starkness of the animal’s skull is a perfect backdrop to tiles of brilliant colour. It is like giving the animal a new life.