Judy Soerink--ArtistI love the sea and never get tired of watching the crashing of waves and the play of light over the water. I also enjoy seeing people at peace in our beautiful coastal landscape.

Just lately I have become very interested in dogs. We take our dogs walking every day, often along the beach. Inevitably others will be doing the same. The sight of happy, sometimes joyous, four legs accompanying their two legged best friends always makes me smile. Pictorially, they also provide a nice contrast.

So it seems inevitable I combine the elements of seashore, people and dogs to explain how I feel.

We now know our planet is fragile, and our existence is completely dependent on its welfare. We have destroyed great swathes of the natural world. Man can be incredibly cruel to Man let alone animals. Things may not last as they are now.

We have lost one Eden. I am trying to suggest that Eden still exists in moments.

Probably different moments for everyone, but worthwhile celebrating and protecting.